Local Service for local pets

A Warm Welcome from Nicky & Evie

Piran Pets Adventure Treks, St Agnes

If you work and worry about leaving your dogs home alone, this is the premium dog service for you.  You may work from home but still not have the time to provide big long walks for your dog.  Life can sometimes get too busy, with kids and other responsibilities contending for your time.  For whatever reason, you may not be active or healthy enough to provide the walks your dog deserves.  Your dog might be overweight.  Maybe your dog doesn’t get to socialise with other dogs as much as you would like.

Piran Pets Adventure Treks offer many varied adventures to keep your dogs fit, active, socialised and happy.  Your dogs get to run around in large open areas, play with each other and sniff and snuffle their way across dunes and beaches.   Your dogs will love our premium adventures, where fun and adventure is guaranteed.  The best part is we almost enjoy it more than your dogs do!