How to become a Piran Pets VIP (Very Important Pooch)

There are many benefits to becoming a Piran Pets VIP.  At Piran Pets Adventure Treks there are certain services that are only available to Piran Pets VIPs.  This ensures that all of the dogs in our care know each other and get along.  For this reason we no longer look after dogs who are in Cornwall on holiday.  We offer a local service for local dogs.  Some of the exclusive services available to you as a VIP include :-

  • Home Boarding
  • House Sitting
  • Saturday Super Treks & Fun Day Sundays
  • Access to a closed facebook page especially for Piran Pets VIPs where you can view the latest photos, stories, offers and news.
  • Access to multiple walk discounts

To apply to become a Piran Pets VIP you will need to do the following…….

  1. Contact Nicky to arrange a free consultation by email: nicky@piranpets.com or by phone: 07737843781
  2. Complete a pet sitting agreement form
  3. Your dog will then accompany Nicky on a trial walk to determine their suitability – at Piran Pets Adventure Treks we like to ensure all our dogs are super friendly!

Once you have successfully completed this application process you will have access to all of the VIP services on offer.

Dogs Love Adventure Treks!

Since focussing on adventure treks, Piran Pets have been rewarded by seeing so many happy dogs. Dogs playing with each other on the beaches, in the woods and across the sand dunes. The fast paced walks use up energy and provide them with much needed exercise.

They also offer lots of different stimulation. Your dogs are stimulated by their changing surroundings, by the different smells, by water and by sand. They are stimulated by each other. Most of the Piran Pets Adventure dogs know each other so they have already bonded and developed a group dynamic. In addition to all of this they are also stimulated by the many other different dogs and humans we meet on our exciting adventures.

The Wednesday Retriever Romp has proved very popular, providing an hour and a half of exciting fun for this water loving breed. We have been enjoying the empty beaches – one of the positive outcomes of bad weather The dogs just love bouncing all over each other, splashing through the waves and chasing each other across the dunes. I especially love to run down some of the steeper dunes at Holywell Bay, with 6 retrievers in tow and lots of barking and happy wagging tails!

On Fridays, the Big Dog Adventure Treks have also been very well attended. We have been enjoying a few Friday afternoons going off piste at Idless. As soon as paws hit the bouncy woodland floor the dogs are so energised, they chase each other, chase smells and enjoy a cleansing dip and cool down after so much adventure.

The smaller dogs can’t always walk so far so I always tailor their walks to suit smaller paws – but they still have lots of fun and adventures, but with dogs of their own size who won’t flatten them in play or knock them over!

Whether big or small, your dog will love Piran Pets Adventure Treks!

Let your dog’s adventure start here.

Please contact nicky@piranpets.com or telephone 07737843781

Piran Pets Adventure Treks – Newsletter & Prices, Winter 2018

A new EXCLUSIVE home boarding service offered by Piran Pets

The benefits of EXCLUSIVE home boarding……

  • fewer dogs means more attention to each dog staying
  • a more comfortable, chilled and laid back home atmosphere where your dog can relax

Here at Piran Pets we like to ensure that your dog’s stay is as comfortable and happy as possible. For that reason we now offer exclusive home boarding – offering home boarding to a maximum of two dogs at a time. So if your dog is boarding with us they enjoy the luxury of being one of a very small number of dogs. The benefits of this? Your dog can enjoy lots of walkies, cuddles and attention. Boarding a smaller number of dogs means your dog can come out walking for lots of the day then enjoy some play and relaxation with Evie before bed time.

If you have a dog who would benefit from exclusive home boarding, please contact Nicky from Piran Pets 07737843781

Specialised Walks Offered by Piran Pets

Dogs of a certain breed love walking and interacting together. In group walks, dogs of a breed generally tend to flock together. This gave me the idea of offering specialised walks for particular breeds.

Retriever Romp

On Wednesday afternoons I now offer a retriever only walk. The retrievers are loving it. They are big dogs who love to jump on each other and chase balls. They especially seem to share a love for water and love the beach, particularly the rock pools. Walks are individually tailored to meet the requirements of this breed. I do try to stay away from mud though!!!

Littler dogs

On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons I offer a group walk specifically for smaller breeds (currently well attended by chihuahas, cockapoos and small spaniels). Some of the smaller breeds can be intimidated by the larger dogs so this walk offers an opportunity for the smaller dogs to enjoy a run around and play with other dogs of a similar size. The smaller dogs really come into their own on this walk.


In the last few years there has been a massive increase in the number of different poodle crosses. Labradoodles, cockapoos, yorkipoos to name but a few. These dogs love to interact and run around with a ball and enjoy a specialised walk together on Monday afternoons.

If you are interested in introducing your dog to a specialised walk, please contact Nicky 07737843781

Dogs get a warm reception in St Agnes

Dog friendly Beach – dogs are allowed at Trevaunance Cove all year round. The beach is especially good when the tide is out. There are also lots of other dog friendly beaches just a stones throw from St Agnes.

Dog friendly walks – there are so many walks in and around St Agnes that take in The Beacon, Trevellas, Chapel Coombe, Blue Hills, St Agnes Head and Wheal Kitty. Coronation walk is a lovely link connecting Peterville with the beach and there are some great views from Wheal Friendly.

Dog friendly pubs and restaurants – if you are on holiday in St Agnes and unable to leave your dog at the accommodation then no worries, there are so many dog friendly pubs that you can eat out every night and take your dog with you. Some of the best include the Taphouse, Driftwood Spars, St Agnes Hotel, the Railway Tavern and Schooners.

Dog friendly accommodation – including camping and caravan sites at Blue Hills and Beacon Drive.

Pet care services on your doorstep – including Piran Pets (Dog walking and pet sitting services), so you can go to work or on days out knowing your pets are in good hands. St Clements vets have a local branch in St Agnes. Foxtrot Country Supplies can provide your pets with food, toys and leads.

Waggie Walkies – a local dog walking social group based in St Agnes who regularly meet for walks on the local beaches and public footpaths. This dog walking group is a great way to make friends with other dog lovers locally and there are always lots of social opportunities too!

Dogs receive a warm welcome at St Agnes! For more information regarding Piran Pets dog walking and pet sitting or Waggie Walkies dog walking group, please contact Nicky 07737843781

Why I love being a dog walker & pet sitter

I get to share lots of different pets – every day I walk different dogs and feed and cuddle different cats.  They are all so different and all so loveable!  During the last 7 years I have had vast experience of looking after all sorts of different pets and I take pride in doing the job I love well.

I spend every day outside – I have always preferred to be outside rather than in.  What better way to spend a day than out walking the coast path, visiting beaches or wandering the dunes and meeting lots of other people and their pets.

I’m never home alone – as a pet sitter I rarely have the house to myself and am never lonely!  Evie loves the company too.

I meet lots of like minded animal lovers – As a dog walker and pet sitter I constantly meet lots of other dog owners and animal lovers who share my interest in pets and animals.  Waggie Walkies, a local dog walking social group, has been an excellent way for me to meet lots of local dog owners.

My own dog, Evie, gets to socialise with lots different dogs – Evie is never happier than when she is playing tug with a house guest or running across the dunes playing ‘chase me chase me’ with one of her four legged pals.

I get to cuddle cats even though I no longer have cats of my own – I sadly lost both my cats in the last couple of years but I am lucky to have lots of other cats to cuddle and visit.

I love group walks –  watching the dogs interact and play always brings a smile to my face.  And the dogs clearly love it too.

I stay fit and healthy (though I also eat too many pasties)!

I am my own boss – every day I appreciate that I am my own boss.  I am very proud to run a successful and popular dog walking and pet sitting service, based in the heart of St Agnes and serving local pet lovers.

If you would like to find out more about Piran Pets, please contact Nicky 07737843781